World Women Peace Song

     Women come, women come,
     Call each other, together strong!
     Women come, women come,
     Let us work along!

     Verse 1
     Women of the world: unite!
     Don't stand alone, together strong!
     There's so many of us,
     so we can change the world right now.
     We're fightingfor freedom and equal richts,
     But never with guns, just straight ahead!
     Trust womenpower and work together.
     One day thare will be peace.

     Verse 2
     Our children, our hope,
     Should go to school, not to their work.
     This world is waiting them:
     They will make the future strong!
     Yes, healthy and radiant, in absolute freedom,
     They will unfold their talents, skills!
     Together they'll build a future in justice.
     One day there will be peace.


     Verse 3
     Listen not to "white" or "brown",
     We're all the same, of equal worth.
     Don't think "female", don't think "male",
     Just feel the equality.
     Yes, moslim or christin, buddhist or hindu,
     Every religiën and every tribe
     crying together, laughing together:
     one day there will be peace.

     Verse 4
     Tomorrow's world is beautiful,
     That is our wish, let's go for it now.
     We want peace and happiness.
     Fields are blooming, rich and full.
     Yes, bam all the hunger, we want to harvest,
     Mother Nature takes care of us.
     All will be working instead of fighting.
     One day there will be peace.